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Are you looking for a florist in Cypress TX? Give our Cypress flower shop a call at (281) 392-01584 and we offer flower delivery.

Florist Cypress

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Petal Patch Florist is a florist in Cypress TX and we deliver flowers. How to Make Floral Arrangements. Floral Ornaments for Plants and Gift Baskets. In our first articles, we introduced you to the origins of the world of floristry. Then, we discussed the elements of floral arrangement, focusing on the use of color and design. Now, we're going to talk about the specifics of designing floral arrangements. For this two-part series, we go over the do's and don'ts of flower arrangement, beautiful flower arrangements. We'll learn how to use different containers and typical styles for various occasions. In Part 1, we gave you easy step-by-step guides for common arrangements. This involved container selection and creating designs based on the patrons' needs. We helped you learn how to craft floral arrangements for any container. In this second part, we discuss more about crafting floral arrangements for any event. Read ahead for thorough guides to using flowers as a stylish addition for any occasion. Learn more about wedding arrangements, bridal bouquets in our following article. Read ahead for suggestions on where to take classes on crafting floral arrangements. This includes the American Institute of Floral Designers ( and the Society of American Florists ( You can also look into other similar organizations offering tracks in floristry.


Call Petal Patch Florist the flower delivery experts in Cypress TX or surrounding areas today for your free estimate or if you have any questions, give us a call at (281) 392-01584

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How to Make a Gift Basket. Whether it's for yourself, your friends, or for buyers in the holiday rush, making DIY baskets is fun and easy. Plus, it gives your present an unique, personalized touch. Here are simple steps you can follow to make your own gift basket. Choose a theme. Whatever works - gardening, fruits, new house, new baby, or the holiday season. Selecting a theme will make it easier to plan for and create the basket. Find a basket or container. You can't go wrong with traditional wicker baskets, but you can pick virtually any container for your gift. Boxes, bags, and buckets may even do the job, depending on your theme. Put filler at the bottom of the container. Whatever container you use, set layers of crumpled paper or any filler at the bottom. They'll provide a strong foundation before placing the gift items in. Put in and arrange your gift items. This could range from gardening supplies, to different fruits, or personalized packages. Put the tallest item in the center and put in other items by height, and their weight. Pack extra filler to keep it secure and balance out as needed. Embellish with ribbons and flowers. Put a few flowers and wrap ribbons. You can set them on the handles or around the container for a pleasant aesthetic. How to Dress a Plant. It doesn't matter what plant you own and where you placed it - in the office, living room, nightstand, or kitchen. There's a some easy and cost-efficient ways to keep them radiant and lively in any room. We've rounded up a list of these practical techniques to dress up your plant and give it an instant upgrade.

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Stencil art. Readily available in local art supplies outlets, stencil is very flexible for use. Cut out a few templates and paste on your potted plants for an instant delicate design. Paint. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to dress up plants. Paint is very accessible and great for a wide range of designs. This is also the best choice for little ones who want to help you out! Lace. Give your pots an instant refined look with lace wrapped around it! Paste with care at the sides to prevent unwanted stickiness and a neat, delicate look. There's a lot of other materials you can use to dress up your potted plants. Some, you can even find around your house! These include your plain burlap, spare fabric from old clothes and socks. You could even use scarves, bracelets, and even your kids' cute artwork. Cut them up to a suitable length and wrap them around your pots with glue or twine string. Enjoy personalized pot designs!

Flowers for All Occasions 101. Funeral Arrangements for the Dearly Departed. We've talked about the basics of floristry in our previous articles. Then we went over the principles of design used in crafting lovely flower arrangements. Now, we learn how to apply these principles in real life. Gatherings are so much brighter and exquisite with a gorgeous variety of flowers, creating beautiful flower arrangements, fresh and beautiful flowers, craft outstanding floral arrangements, gorgeous floral arrangement. We're here to help you get started on two of the most common events that come hand in hand with flowers. In this article we talk about funeral flowers From the planning phase to the wake. From deciding on the theme with your clients up to the delivery or pickup of their orders. We've put together a handy primer for handling orders for a funeral. We'll help you produce classy arrangements for the grieving family. See our upcoming article for an overview of must-have essentials for every florist. Making Arrangements with the Client. Flower arrangements, when done properly, are an excellent way of paying tribute to the loss of a loved one. It's also a way to show profound sympathy for the family left behind. Crafting floral tributes for them will allow them to express themselves in a hard time. It goes without saying, florists need to take careful note of every detail. This will help make the process of preparing go as smoothly as possible. Here are a some things florists need to know for planning funeral floral decor. Flowers in Commemoration. There's no one way to comfort someone who has just lost their loved one. But there are a lot of ways to express your sympathy to a grieving family. Ask them if they would like particular flowers included, or what their loved one's favorite blooms are. Keep the arrangement as intimate and personal as possible as a tribute to the departed.

Florist In Cypress, Texas


Are you in the Cypress, Texas area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers or freshest flowers, flower arrangement, floral gifts, right gift, beautiful floral arrangement delivered on special occasion for special someone? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Cypress, Texas. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

Petal Patch Florist has been serving Cypress, we are family-owned and operated with one location serving the Cypress, Texas area. Our flower shop serve the areas with same day delivery:

Venue. Funeral services are usually held at funeral parlors. But some people would prefer to pay respect by having the funeral in their own house. Whatever the case, make sure to ask how big the room or venue will be. That way, you can prepare ahead for your designs and arrangements. Better yet, set up an ocular viewing of the venue. If they'll do the wake in their home, this is especially essential. With these measurements, you'll be able to make arrangements with the proper size. Size and Headcount. How many guests are they counting on? How many tables are there, and what size? What's the size of the coffin? Any other area your client wants decorated? Every bit of information is important for the perfect flower arrangements. Wakes usually stretch over a few days. You may need to change the flowers, beautiful flower arrangement, best and freshest flowers every so often. That way, you get to keep them fresh and fragrant for guests. Budget and Timeline. Naturally, you'll want to know how much your client has budgeted for the funeral's flower arrangements. This way, you can plan and provide top-notch service within their budget. Set up a timeline for planning and delivery of the flower arrangements. Keep in contact with your client to make sure all designs and flowers you've selected are up to their standards.


Cypress, Texas

Cypress is an unincorporated community in Harris County, Texas, United States, located completely inside the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston. The Cypress area is located along U.S. Highway 290 (Northwest Freeway) is twenty-four miles (35 km) northwest of Downtown Houston. The Cypress urban cluster ranks 50th in the top 100 highest-income urban areas in the United States. Cypress, Texas coordinates at 29°58′15″N 95°41′50″W.

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